Replacing your soffits and fascias? You could be missing a trick…

In the market for new soffits & fascias?

So, you’re in the market. You find your local tradesperson, they tell you that you’ve got to order scaffolding in for the front and back. You order it all in, the scaffolding sits up there for a week yet your fitters are done in a day. What is the ultimate opportunity you’re missing here?

Lighting. The ultimate opportunity is lighting. Effectively at a massive discount! You’re going all that way to replace your old, crumbly, paint-flecked wooden soffits and fascias for shiny new uPVC ones. You’re paying the money for the scaffolding to go up, and you’re paying the money for the fitters to remove and replace the soffits.

How do you make your savings?

So the scaffolding is up, creating an eyesore. The fitters are booked in a day later. They turn up in the morning, get their kit out and start pulling down the soffits and fascias. Up and down the scaffolding they go, carefully putting the old wood into the skip. Tiring work!

They then settle down for their lunch and a cuppa tea. This is where we come in.

We’ve previously visited your property to discuss the sort of lighting effects you’d like. We’ve already been in touch with your fitters to make sure everything runs smoothly. We’ve already been in the loft to provide an electrical supply to the new lighting effects. The old soffits and fascias have now been removed, and we’ve got direct access to first fix our cables ready for the new soffits and fascias to go back on.

In the time it takes for us to do our bit, the fitters have had their lunch, a quick browse on Facebook, finished their tea, and ready to have another crack at it.

By the end of the day, you’ve got your new soffits and fascias, and more importantly, you’ve got the cables up there ready. All we’ve got to do is return the next day, and second fix the actual lights whilst the scaffolding is still up.

2 days later the scaffolding is being dismantled, laid on the back of the truck, and you’re left with what you always wanted, a bedazzling house with the wow factor.

You have a bedazzling house with the wow-factor, at a fraction of the cost!

This is a multi-faceted savings approach. You don’t have to pay for scaffolding twice, and you don’t have to pay for the soffits to be dismantled twice. (and let’s be honest, it never goes back together the way it was originally..)

If you’re in the market for new soffits and fascias, like the idea of adding lighting effects to your property at a fraction of the cost it would have been otherwise, call us on 07478159026 or fill out our online Help Me! Form and we’ll get back to you shortly.

We do have our favourite tradespeople who fit soffits and fascias in Maidstone & Medway, and the surrounding area, if you require a recommended, tried and tested service.

Alternatively, if you’ve already found a fitter, we will happily work with them too. Ultimately, whoever we work with, you’ll have your expert soffit lighting fitters in Medway and Maidstone to really give your property the wow factor it deserves, at a fraction of the cost.

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