Emergency Call Out:
Carpenter accidentally goes through lighting circuit

We attended a care home within 1 hour on a winter’s friday afternoon, after a carpenter who was replacing a plasterboard ceiling had taken to the cables above the ceiling, aswell as the ceiling, on 2 counts. We found a neutral dismembered, and a line conductor which possibly may have had its current carrying capacity reduced due to a glancing blow that left copper showing (C1 in its current state)..

Some of the lights in the care home had gone out due to the severed neutral, and the slice into the line could have constituted a problem with protecting the cable from thermal effects at that particular point. we made permanent fixes to both counts of damage, tested for good continuity, and went on our way.

Emergency Call Out:
Water Leaking into kitchen light fitting

We attended a property in Vinters park to a light fitting which was holding a lot of water from a leak directly above. Our partners over at Whebles had already been in attendance to fix the waste on the basin, but there was also reports of the RCBO (RCD) tripping when that particular light was turned on. The customer was very lucky the whole of the downstairs lighting circuit wasn’t taken out – we found a fish bowl inside the light fitting!

We went in fully prepared – dust sheets, bucket, sponges and towels.

We took the light down, and got a bit wet doing so! We dried off what we could, and took the practical approach of leaving the lighting circuit on but double insulating, and forming a U-bend on the cables, so any water that may carry on leaking from above will drip away before coming into contact with the terminals. This is a temporary measure to let the ceiling cavity dry out before returning to refit the light. We attended within 4 hours for the isolation, reattended 3 days later to test & refit!

CCTV install:

We worked with the customer to get the design they wanted, to cover the essential angles, worked with them to get an idea of routed for a nice and neat cable installation which was all hidden. We then showed them how it all works, and hlped them with remote viewing via their mobile phone, so they can see their property wherever they are.

CCTV install:

We worked with a longstanding customer of ours to set up a security net before they moved office to above their workshop. We installed the rooutes, hid cable where we could, and helped them to get remote viewing from their mobile phone, so they can keep a close eye on their assets, wherever they may be.

Faulty sunbed:

We turned up to a customer to give their sunbed a look over, after they rang about possibly changing their contactor device. The RRP of which like for like was approximately £90. We came to find the sunbed turning on but the UV lamps flicking on and off via the contactor. The customer reported eityher quick flicking on and off or sometimes kicking out after say 5 minutes. We gave the contactor a full service, cleaning and lubrication, and tightened all the terminals on the rest of the components, did our dues with continuity tests and went on our way with a fully working sunbed once again.

CCTV Install:

Again, we worked with the customer to get the routes right with no cables on show. The brains of it all happens in the office, and they have the remote app so they can roam the world and still keep a beady eye on their prize possessions.

Tripping RCD on outdoor lights:

We attended a property with tripping RCDs whenever the outside bollard lights were turned on. Outside lighting, or any outdoor power, comes under relentless abuse from the elements. In Medway, We are still close enough to the sea (and estuaries) that even the salty air takes its toll. We found the offending article in due time and isolated until the customer was ready to change the fitting. Fault found and isolated within 2 hours.

Emergency Call Out:
Burning smell from cooker

We attended a property within 18 hours to a customer who had reports of a burning plastic smell when they last used the cooker. We quickly found the offending article, reterminated (the terminals were still fully intact, luckily) and tested for good continuity, RCD trip times and all that jazz.

Lights no longer working:

We attended a commercial property who had no lights on their shop front sign. With the sign dismantled it was easily found that the termination was loose and the copper and plastic has deteriorated over years of constant use. we chopped that joint out, reterminated and reassembled the sign. Another job done

Garden manshed install:

A customer wanted power to their shed, which supplied 2 LED striplights and a few double sockets. Their specification was enough juice to plug a powertool or two in. We installed nearly 40m of 2.5mm armoured cable protected by a 20A breaker, terminated it all nicely (even at the DB end which was less than forgiving for space) and installed their fixed current using equipment ie double sockets and 2x light fittings. All in (just over) a days work!

Installation: New utility room with unvented cylinder, boiler, and white goods.
A long standing customer had us in for a fresh install in their utility room. We worked with the gas engineer to get it done over the weekend and get the house nice and warm. Our wiring included 2 dedicated immersion heater circuits, a dedicated socket circuit for the above and below counter appliances, and an S-plan system for the heating setup they required.

Installation: Replace electrical installation for new variable speed ventilation unit for commercial kitchen in Southeast London.
We were over the moon to be asked to join @Commercial Ducting on this installation job. They installed the ventilation system, and we gave it power for lights and extraction. We ripped out the old wiring which was clearly under thermal stresses over a long period of time, and replaced with the right materials that will stand up to the heat!

Tripping RCD: RCD tripped when hob was turned on
We were booked in to look at a light in the living room which no longer worked. Whilst we was there we had a quick look at an issue where the cooker had tripped the RCD the night before. As always, when we got there, the cooker was behaving itself! We did our due diligence, open the consumer unit up, run the usual tests, and it all came out fine! We did comment that the insulation on the neutral of the cooker circuit was being bitten at the terminal, which was a possible cause. We re-terminated and went on our way, and followed up with a courtesy text a few days later. So far, so good! Another happy customer!

Tripping RCD and popping fuses:
The motor on this power shower had completely burnt out, and ended up in a short circuit failure mode. This was tripping the RCD and popping the fuses at the Switched Fused Spur. Within second of opening the lid we could tell what was going on. Although fully booked, we went back within the week to replace. Another happy customer!