Emergency Call Outs

In the event of an emergency, or a dangerous situation regarding your electrics, Feel free to ring us on 07478159026 and we’ll get there as soon as we can.

We provide emergency call out services to the medway towns and surrounding area, of course this includes Rochester, Strood, Chatham and Gillingham.
Further afield, we provide this service to Gravesend, Grain, Maidstone, and West Malling.

Whilst you’re waiting, and depending on what the issue is:

Wires are on show
Safeguard youngsters and pets from getting near or touching.
Do you know what circuit it’s powered by? Go to the fusebox and turn it off at the breaker. If you’re not entirely sure you can use the bigger main switch to turn off all the power. Main switches tend to be twice as wide with a red coloured switch part, and feels a lot more ‘clunkier’ to flick on and off.

No lights
Did it go with a bang? Have you looked at your fusebox? it pays to remember exactly what switch might have tripped if one has, because it may help us diagnose. Did it happen the instant you flicked a particular switch? Turn that one off and flick back on.

You have a very strong pungent ‘fishy’ smell when you are using the shower / cooker / kettle / heater.
This is a classic sign of a bad connection in the wiring. isolate the appliance with its own dedicated clunky switch, or otherwise turn said appliance off.

You’ve tried googling “How to change a house light” and got it wrong, now you have no lights! Silly!
Hang tight and we’ll be there when we can. Whilst you’re waiting, it might be worthwhile lighting a candle .. or two.

Random, sporadic RCD tripping
This is definitely one of the harder faults to find. The best thing you can do is keep a log of when the RCD trips, and try to note if it coincided with a particular time of the day, a particular flick of the switch, whether there’s an audible bang, etc etc

A particular socket has stopped working.
Likely loose connection. If it powers something like a fridge or a freezer, try to make do with an extension lead til we get there.

Did you ring us and it turned out not to be something with your electrics?

Perhaps the fault lies at the incoming head, or on the electric meter, or the thick wires in between these and your fusebox.

Incoming armoured cable into the head, and the head itself – UK Power Networks RING 105

Cables going into the meter – Your energy provider, such as EDF or Scottish Power. You can find their contact details on your bills from them, or try googling for it.

If you run out of ideas of things to do in the event of a powercut

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