COVID-19 Procedures

In these unprecedented times, the world over has made dramatic changes to its way of life. Currently, in the UK, we are in ‘lockdown’, due to end Dec 2nd.

Can I invite a tradesmen in to work in my property?

Yes, you may. According to government guidelines, those who have to travel in order to work are allowed to do so. On top of this, even in the first lockdown, our services are regarded as those performed by keyworkers. As such, we still have the flexibility to carry on work (almost) as normal.

What protective measures are you undertaking?

This is a multifaceted approach

First of all, we will wear face coverings from the moment we enter the property til the moment we leave. We carry alcohol gel on our persons, and endeavour to use this at the start of the job, at the end of the job, and at all convenient opportunities in between, in order to limit the spread of COVID-19.

We invite you to declare if you are showing any symptoms of COVID-19 at the earliest opportunity. Currently, it is far more important to protect ourselves, our families, and the rest of our client base from COVID-19, than anything else, including lost bookings.

We are still open for business! And are still offering our services across Northwest Kent, based out of the Medway towns. If you’re in need of our services, feel free to ring 07478159026, or fill out our quick and easy Help Me! Form.

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