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If you’re looking for a consumer unit upgrade in the Medway Towns and surrounding area, you’ve come to the right place.

Consumer unit upgrades are one of those things that customers like to get right. Rightly so, consumer units have moved on fairly since 2015. RCBOs, SPDs, AFDDs, all expensive stuff. But is it all worth it?

Since lockdown, with the ‘stay at home’, and ‘work from home’ schemes, arguably, it has never been a better time to make sure your installation is well designed for protection against shock, thermal effects, poor selectivity, overvoltages, and the like.

The science going on inside the fusebox is going to be outside the scope of those that aren’t well practiced and conversive with the wiring regulations “the regs”. All the cables are carefully selected for correct sizing. The breakers are carefully selected for correct cable protection, the bonding you may not ever notice to say gas and water piping are crucial safety nets against electrical shock, as is bonding in the bathrooms. etc, etc.

Things we, as electricians, looks out for on a daily basis, might be considered by customers and service providers alike as an unnecessary expense, is actually dictated in the British Standards as a must- have bare minimum safety (and functional) standard.

RCBOs are getting cheaper year on year. Those who have lost lighting and sockets due to a faulty cooker or fridge realise the pain that RCBOs help circumvent. RCBOs will allow you to lose just the one offending circuit, whilst keeping the others energised for you to carry on using. They are now the normal standard devices to fit in domestic consumer units.

With more of us are setting up shop in our own homes due to the work from home scheme, protecting your IT equipment from lightning strikes is becoming a higher priority. This is where SPDs come in. They heavily reduce the impulse that travels up the wiring in the event of a lightning strike.

AFDDs are the next big roll out. Arc Fault Detection Devices monitor the wiring for the signs of sparking, due to loose connections. We all know loose connections cause wiring systems to heat up, which is, of course, very bad news. By deploying this cutting edge device, you’ll be mitigating yet another risk to your family and your property.

For Domestic clients, we fully recommend metal boards loaded with RCBOs, and a 100A isolator and SPD unit upfront. That way, if one circuit goes, you don’t lose power to the entire house, and all of a sudden waiting for an electrician is a whole lot bearable, should the worst happen. The SPD is the first step into protecting your electronic equipment such as computers, TVs, etc in the event of a lightning strike.

For a limited time we are offering:
A 10-way board, populated with 5 RCBOs; (These keep you safe!)
AND an isolator and SPD unit; (These could save you £1000’s!)
AND a health check on the electrics up front; (This ensures a smooth service!)
AND our Silver Service power-back-on-that-day guarantee (So you’re not left in the dark!)

from £975.00

Ring us on 07479159026 or fill out our Help Me! Form

We cover the main areas including but not wholly exclusive to: Rochester, Strood, Chtaham, Gillingham, going as far as Gravesend, Grain, Maidstone, and West Malling.

If you’re interested in having a fusebox upgrade, are based in Medway and the surrounding area, and would like to get in touch, please ring 07478159026, or fill out our quick and convenient help me! form.

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