Electrical Emergency Call Out :

Water Leaking into kitchen light fitting

We attended a property in Vinters park to a light fitting which was holding a lot of water from a leak directly above. A plumber had already been in attendance to fix the waste on the basin, but there was also reports of the RCBO (RCD) tripping when that particular light was turned on. The customer was very lucky the whole of the downstairs lighting circuit wasn’t taken out – we found a fish bowl inside the light fitting!

We went in fully prepared – dust sheets, bucket, sponges and towels.

We took the light down, and got a bit wet doing so! We dried off what we could, and took the practical approach of leaving the lighting circuit on but double insulating, and forming a U-bend on the cables, so any water that may carry on leaking from above will drip away before coming into contact with the terminals. This was a temporary measure to let the ceiling cavity dry out before returning to refit the light. We initially attended within 4 hours to fault find, and returned 3 days later to test & refit!

Plumbing Emergency Call Out:
We attended a tenant in distress who was reporting water coming through the ceiling, and coming out from behind tiles near the floor in the kitchen. It seemed to only happen when they used the shower. Upon taking bath panel off, it all looked fairly dry, and took a little while to work out the method of entry into the kitchen below.

There was the smallest signs of moisture and deterioration in the corner below the shower. In these situations, where the route for the water has already been proved, and the building materials are already damp/saturated from days and weeks of water ingress, it doesn’t take a whole lot more water at the input to see a water output at the other end.

We tested the waste, overflow waste, and the silicone elsewhere on the bath. Then we found the sweetspot. Directly above the small moisture patch on the floor.

The nature of this particular installation was the perfect storm for water ingress. Especially for residents who like showers (These residents LOVE their showers). The shower has been installed above a bath with a large decorative lip. The water would bounce off the user, collect at the back of the lip and sit until there was enough to push itself through the small gap in the rubber shower screen foot, down the bath panel which wasn’t sealed, into the floorboard cavity below and from there gravity did the rest.

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